Principle and Values, criminal and government undermining

The author has experienced organised psychological terror in an ongoing fashion since early in 2006. He has been victimized in psychiatric wards and recovery facilities, pushed into these venues for the sole purpose of psychological violence, conditioning, torture, and terror. See link here

Organised psychological violence and terror, gang stalking, has been defined as protracted covert harassment perpetrated by strangers and directed at a single person. As this crime is beginning to redefine the meaning of democracy, or absence of it, for the victims, the tacitics of gang stalking are proving to go far beyond that which would typically fall into the definition of harassment.

The very fact that this horrible crime can be done for years on end, to one individual, without any intervention from law enforcement, should be enough for public concern.

The pervasiveness of gang stalking assaults points to a criminality that has been able to invade life nationally (see link here state sponsored terror), as well as international, intruding into all regions of an individuals everyday life. This may undermine what we have come to see as the modern definition of law and order.

The Connectedness of gang stalking groups, and their activities, a well understudied phenomena within criminology, may prove to be something very postmodern, something that extends from the criminal into the general public, and something that is redefining moral consciousness, as well mannered law abiding people in a community may be brought into perpetrating the crimes of gang stalking.

Gang Stalking is truly a crisis, in that innocnet individuals who are targeted are attacked with psychological violence, harassments, and pervsive slandering initiatives, that are successful, yet all is done in a covert fashion, and this causes targeted individuals to become alienated from constitutional rights and liberties that would otherwise be used in their defense.
See Gang stalking :

Law enforcement is recruited, it is said, into these campaigns and used in stalking pracitces as well, and such recruitments rely heavily and solomly upon the distortions of reality concerning targets, as well as outright fabrications. Criminality is supplanting law enforcement.

See: Structure of Organised [Psychological] Terror Campaigns here: rich-essense

What does democracy become when a group of criminals can influence commoners as well as law enforcement officials, and infiltrate services from transportaion to hospitals and mental heatlth facilities, in a sadistic drive to destroy an innocent persons life. The craft that allows the stalkers the ability to infiltrate all arenas of one persons life, such as work, family, social and more, is a craft that undermines democracy, human rights and social order.

Print media, once the vehicle of democracy and constitutional reform, going further back then the days of Thomas Paine, have taken no notice of this sick and menacing crime. Even the more adventurous of news media take no notice, as the war in Iraq, and the war on terror seem to have lead all into a vacuum.

It has been proven by testimonies of stalking victims that through becoming a gang stalking target one is condemned for a life, to a protracted covert assault in which gang stalking tactics are perpetrated, on a daily basis, and in a frequency that may ebb and flow to an extent, but never lets up.

“Preditory gangstalking is, at the least, psychological violence, and at the most, it is a protracted sadistic sociopathic domination and calculated destruction of an innocnet human being for reasons of pleasure, power, and social control…..” from:

Psychological Malpractice and ongoing organised harassment in recovery facilities:

The writer has experienced psychological harassment, as well as psychological violence in what seems to be a protracted effort aimed at him.

He has been misrepresented by professional psychiatrists, told that he was a long time drug user by professionals, when such is not the case.

At West Pines he was told that he had travelled the world using drugs. This is fabrication, and misrepresentation by a paid psychiatric professional, and seems to have been said to harass the patient, and demean him. Such may have been used to slandering the victim to his family, and others.

At Colorado west Recovery the patient/victim protested in a very polite manner in a two hour group session in which the recovery topic was not touched on and discussion with the councelor and other clients was a hour long chat about local real estate prices and other everyday local matters. After he politely protested and asked to begin the topic, he was attacked in a loud boisterous verbal assault by other clients as the councelor, James, sat back and watched.

A psychiatrist whom he payed a visit to told a staff member at a rehab in California, where he was a paying client, that the patient was “crazy”. Breach of patient’s rights to privacy, breach of disclosure rules.

He was pressured into accepting medication against his will, simply to be released from the psychiatric ward of South Coast Medical Center, and such release also depended upon the patient admitting to the doctor that the patients belief concerning situations of a legal nature was erroneous, and based on fiction.

After release, he returned to South Coast Recovery, where staff members and a housing manager harassed him about taking the medication. He was eventually able to discontinue the medication, but endured undue harassments concerning taking the medication, in a rehab that initially told him, that if he did not want to take a perscribed medication, he had every right to stop taking it. This harassment concerning the medication was unusual, and intense.

He has been given, by several psychiatrists, the diagnosis of substance use induced psychosis. All such diagnosis are medically unverifiable. The diagnosis were based on the beliefs concerning certain recollections of past events, and in no way were they based on the patients state of mind at the time of consultation. These diagnosis took place in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Orange County, California. They are not based on professional psychiatric evaluations.

Fumigations and taste corruption of coffee and food, laced cigarettes

The patient/victim entered South Coast Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, in early August, and left in mid October. What he experienced there was a continuation of what I had experienced at the CIRT rehab in Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as at the Denver International Youth Hostel, in Denver , Colorado.

“At South Coast Recovery many of my roomates seemed to be perpetrating spraying at night around my bed. Often my clothing would have been sprayed, for some strange smells would be about them. This would happen to the bedding as well. Identical happenings took place both at the Denver International Youth Hostel, and Colorado West Recovery, Grand Junction.”

Locations of chemical fumigations/laced items:

Denver International Youth Hostel
CIRT Grand Junction, Colorado
South Coast Recovery, San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

This awful assult with fumes and strange unnatural scents has been happening for some time, and since it is covertly done, the victim has never been able to identify it, he can only explained such occurances to friends and family.The victim has been assaulted by covert harassments since February of this year, and one defining element that have been difficult to explain to people is …”scent harassments, chemicals put around me that cause a discomfort in my mouth, and fumigations while lying in bed.”

The discomfort from the fumes and chemicals, creating numbness, and a strange sensation in the mouth, feels similar to breathing aresol sprays of some chemical cleaner.
Also chemically laced cigarettes, sometimes from packs ofalready opened that have been tampered with. The victim has been drugged as well, with mild stimulants of some sort, that seem to make one feel on edge, or give me a feeling of uneasy, nervousness, and cuasing me to feel uncomfortable in social settings.

covert chemicals either put in the victim’s coffee, as well as from unidentifed sources possible gassings, which cause one to feel quite uncomposed, unsettled, and generally strange.

Psychological Terror Harassment: laced items of consumption, chemical fumigations covert chemical undermining:


The writer of this text is a targeted individual, who first encountered gang stalking while living and studying in Guangzhou, China, PRC. Beginning early this year, the typical tactics of gang stalking, such as street theater, mirroring, a multitude of mishaps, a series of misfortunes, were all accompanied with several druggings, laced cigarettes, chemicals and fumigations that served to cause nervousness and confusion. Psychological violence through senitizations and directed conversations were underlayed with an intense tactical assault on the targets state of mind and nervous system using chemicals and drugs of one sort or another. Couple this with the fact that the individual, myself, was living abroad, and the typical effects of gang stalking may very well have been intensified.

While returing to the States, covert harassment as well as covert fumigations took place on a international flight, and laced cigarettes encoutered at an international airport, enroute to Denver.

The City of Denver proved to be gang stalking central while during three months of summer 2006, the target was covertly assaulted daily with high frequency. Fire trucks, medical vehicles, wheel chaired people, homeless people, potential employers,and more, were all brought into a three month long daily assault on this one individual’s psychology and well being.

The Alcoholics Anonymous House, once the target was gaslighted into the recovery culture, was a place where highly planned stalking initiatives where directed at intensive dmoralizations, bogus investgations, and instilation of fear, to which caused the target to think he was being watched by all levels of law enforecement for suspicion of heinous crimes, which included murder, rape, child molestation. Through intense sensitizations, and directed conversations, along with isolation, gang stalking can achieve a reality within the target that is created by stagings and crafted psychological harassments.

From the experience of this victim it can be concluded that gang stalking is a highly organized and pervasive, isolating the target, alienating them from all that falls under the three words of life, liberty and happiness.

There is no reason that the psychological violence I have experineced should have happened, beyond some sadistic drive in some criminal organisation

For an innocent person to be the target of such a crime, one that goes well beyond harassment, and can easily lead to the inducement of suicide, is a direct assault on the constitutional foundations of this country.

Gang stalking is the covert destruction of the lives of innocent people. It is a serious threat to the foundations of the American Constitution, far more of a threat than a despotic ruler in Babylon. Let us not be shortsighted, despotism in leadership is not something exclusive to the developing world.


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